About VH Hockey

The VH Hockey Skate is the work of Scott Van Horne, who has been experimenting, tweaking, and building skates for over 25 years. Scott was a member of the Canadian National Speed Skating Team, and then went on to earn a bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Calgary in 2001, graduating with distinction. Subsequently, Scott then completed his Masters of Science Degree from the University of Calgary in 2003 with an NSERC scholarship.  Scott’s thesis on the biomechanics of the skating push was published in the International Journal of Applied Biomechanics.

VH has been producing custom made speed skates for almost 20 years. Now, we are in the hockey business in a big way with a skate that was made with the same core structure as our custom speed skates – that is a monocoque skate boot body. Unlike any other hockey skate boot, our patent pending monocoque skate boot body incorporates the foam liner and the eyelet cuff. Therefore, as the carbon fiber and proprietary composites are cured it forms a one piece boot body integrated with the liner and the eyelet cuff. Previously, this type of construction is only found in $1,500+ speed skate boots. Traditionally hockey boots are/were made from multiple components being heat formed and then glued and stitched together. The advantages of a monocoque structure are a better/more direct power transfer, more responsive, stronger, much more durable, better wrapping/fastening of the eyelet cuff over the instep of the foot, complete foam lined toe box for comfort and protection, and an extremely lightweight skate.

The monocoque skate boot body has integrated thermoplastic zones for optimal anatomical heat molding throughout the ankle, arch, and instep. This, coupled with the heat mold-able tongue provides a truly custom fit when the boot is properly heat molded.