PROS – VH serves players at every level of hockey – including hundreds of pros worldwide. We are very proud to have the most widely used goal boot in the NHL – and the number continues to grow each day!

Feedback from the Pros

“They are the most comfortable, most responsive skates I have ever worn. I could never go back to a traditional hockey boot! It’s like comparing a clunky work boot to a running shoe.”

Corey Elkins

“My VH Goalie skates were immediately my favourite set of skates I have worn from day 1. As soon as I had baked them and got on the ice the skates felt great and I never once had pain. They stood the test of the pro hockey season and showed very little wear after 7 months of heavy use, with multiple skates a day and overnight bus travel where in the past my skates have broken down and become very soft. I look forward to wearing VH goalie skates for the rest of my career!”

Josh Robinson

“Regarding the skates I can’t thank you enough. I have worn them 6 times (3 times each week) and my feet have felt great. I haven’t come close to getting a blister and comfort wise they are first class. Performance wise they seem to respond better than my old skates. I am very pleased with how I can move in them.”

Jeff Glass

“Met the mailman at the curb today in anticipation of seeing these skates today, low and behold they came in. I took a skate in them tonight before baking them just an hour ago, I have to say you know how to make a skate. I never realized what a well fitting boot was until I tried these on. Looking forward to a few more skates this week and I’ll fill you in! Already a believer!”

Rob Madore

“My VH skates are unlike anything else available. The custom fit provides the most comfortable & responsive skate on the market. No more lace bite or irritating hot spots. The heat molding process make this hands down the best skate on the market. Thanks to Scott and the VH Footwear team!”

Curtis McElhinney