Your satisfaction is our top concern. Therefore, we offer the following protection for our customers:

Custom skate guaranty: The cost on our side is so high for custom skates that we do not offer a money back guaranty. If you are not satisfied with your first pair we will attempt to adjust them and if that does not work we will make a second pair for free. The customer will be responsible for shipping the holders/cowlings back to VH to put on the new boots, or will have to get the blades switched over locally at their expense.

6 month manufacturer’s warranty: If within the first 6 months of use your boots sustain any breakdown or damage not caused by skater or game use, VH will fix the damage. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

Outside warranty repairs: At VH we stand behind our product and therefore we will fix any issue that arises with your boots outside of the warranty period. The customer will be responsible for return shipping in both directions plus a fee for the repair. Contact us prior to shipping for a repair quote.

Warranty on blades, holders, and cowlings: VH does not warranty these items because VH does not manufacture them. For warrant issues with these items the customer is urged to contact the manufacturer.

Any skates/boots that are shipped to VH need to be clearly marked “WARRANTY REPAIR” on the shipping package or Customs Clearing charges may apply.  Any Customs Clearing charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

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